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Volvo Trucks Cutting Jobs in Umeå: 400 Employees Affected

Written by: Meredith Montgomery
Photo by: Adam Cai at Unsplash

Last update: 27 november 2023

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Volvo trucks in Umeå are reducing their operations, and this will affect around 400 employees who are employed through consulting firms. They are making these changes because of the global economy, and employees will receive more information soon about how it will affect them.

The Umeå factory currently has about 1,900 workers, and out of these, 400 are consultant employees who help Volvo adjust to economic ups and downs. Because of the economic challenges, Volvo is changing its shift patterns, which means they won't need as many workers.

While they haven't provided all the details about how this will impact individual employees yet, these changes are being made to match the current economic conditions while still being able to adapt to market demands.

Source: TN


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