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Philippines Considers TikTok Ban for National Security

Written by: Alissa Domingo
Photo by: cottonbro studio at Pexels

Last update: 28 november 2023

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The Philippine government is thinking about whether to stop security personnel from using the TikTok app due to worries about possible cyber espionage. A task force, led by National Security Adviser Eduardo Ano, has been set up to assess this threat and is expected to make a decision soon.

This potential ban would only apply to security personnel and not the general public. The main reason for considering this move is the concern that TikTok could gather sensitive data or engage in cyber spying on government security devices.

Despite a recent meeting between the Philippine President and TikTok's CEO to explore business opportunities, security worries are prompting a cautious approach to safeguard confidential information on government security devices.

Source: Bloomberg


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