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German, French, and South African Firms Eye Angola's Luanda Airport

Written by: Lukas Braun
Photo by: Suganth at Unsplash

Last update: 27 november 2023

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Three international companies—Fraport AG, Vinci SA, and Airports Company South Africa—have shown interest in operating Angola's newly constructed international airport in Luanda, which is designed to handle up to 15 million passengers annually.

The Angolan government has initiated a tender process to select an operator for the airport, aiming to diversify the country's economy and generate revenue. The airport, built at a cost of $3 billion, is a significant part of President Joao Lourenco's efforts to attract tourism and foreign investment.

The final decision on the airport operator is expected to be made in approximately 9 to 10 months, with the initial concession period set at 25 years and the possibility of a 15-year extension.

Source: Bloomberg


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